Best Video Production Services for Every Brand

People may have told you, “Making a video isn’t that hard; all you have to do is do it yourself or ask a friend to do it for you.” Well, that’s not always a wrong suggestion. If you need high-quality and complex videos for your business and brand, you must employ a high-end production agency like Courimo. Having the right digital marketing strategy is the new sales. Doing it right will naturally bring in leads, fill the sales funnel, and make your brand’s communication more genuine and seamless.

If you live in Montreal, Quebec or Ontario, we can help turn your idea into a piece of content that people will want to read; from making the video to filming it to editing it.

We offer the following services:

Social media videos

When you are looking for attention amongst a sea of messages, only one thing can help you rise above the noise: video. If you have seen a recent explosion of video material on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, you will know that it is here to stay or at least to gain great significance.

You might think, why videos? The answer is simple; videos are great at keeping your audience engaged with your brand and products. Video content allows brands to tell a story, with the bonus that they might also sell a product. Using videos to talk to customers, brands can combine their messages with entertaining and valuable things. It makes it much more likely that customers will give up their valuable time to watch it than to read.

Your video should tell a story that makes people want to do what you want them to do. You might want to consider taking it out if you add something to the video that doesn’t help the call to action directly. You can use many of your significant video assets in different ways to send other messages. At Courimo, a video production company, we do it right, the investment can last for months, giving you exciting content for a long time.

Promotional videos

Using promotional videos is a fun way to get people to buy something. You can also use it to show off your business. Video content works well. Your engagement rates will increase if you make a video and share it a certain way. There are various benefits of promotional videos.

1. Video increases sales and conversions

What comes first? You can make a lot of money with videos. Putting a video of your product on your landing page can increase sales by 80%. The Courimo, a corporate videography company, the team has made sure that the video works well regardless of its category.

2. Video Builds Trust

Trust is what makes conversions and sales possible. But making people trust you should be a goal in and of itself. The whole idea behind content marketing is to build trust and relationships that last. Please stop trying to sell, and let people come to you by giving them valuable and interesting information.


Commercials are used by businesses to achieve a variety of objectives, and they are published in a variety of media. Companies promote in media with ads that target particular markets in addition to advertising products in conventional venues like newspapers and general interest magazines. By watching your commercials, consumers can learn more about your brand’s values and how your products or services benefit them.

Ad campaigns can help you establish your brand and better understand it, from your company’s objective to the importance of the products you sell. You may improve the reputation of your small firm by running commercials. The best qualities of your business can be emphasized while also increasing the visibility of your core messages and takeaways you want your target audience to have. Courimo, the best promotional video company, will help you improve your company reputation through Ad campaigns.

Testimonials and so much more

In business, a good name is everything. Which business are you more likely to select: the one with no reviews or many good ones? Testimonials play an important role while boosting your reputation to capture the most enthusiastic brand supporters. Testimonials make people trust you more.

The easier it is for people to trust your brand, the more credible it is. If you find and share testimonials the right way, you can make sure that your audience trusts your brand even more.

People tend to trust the words of real customers more than those of influencers and celebrities. They are less likely to think that your company paid someone for their opinion if that person is a nobody. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever use testimonials from celebrities or people with a lot of influence, but they should all be honest.

What to expect from us 

We are looking for long-term relationships with our clients that truly understand their business needs. Our team will set up a short call to discuss your project and see if we would work well together.

It’s important to remember that you’re creating a video for an audience, so you should think about how you’re going to grab their attention from the opening 3 seconds. Both parties will agree on the video’s content and strategy, keeping the end goal in mind at all times.

The first thing business looks at is how your website fits in with the industry branding and image standards. It makes video the best way of presenting your products or services appealingly. We will agree on a specific date for the shoot, whether it needs a half day or a full day.

Do you need a video for your website or blog but don’t have the wits to create one? Are you passionate about creating a video that promises better sales for the tour brand? We can help. Usually, the video will be ready within 5–7 business days, and e you can make changes within 1–2 business days.

Every business has a story to write down for potential clients, employees, current employees, and the rest of the world. Good video production helps you tell that story with pictures that are interesting to people. At Courimo, the best video production services, we help you reach your business and marketing goals at every sale funnel stage by using video.

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