Social Media and PR Growth (B2C)

The Business Verification Package

Instagram & TikTok Verification Package

The goal of this package is to fill Google up with extremely high ranking, full feature media about your company in a short period of time to get the most desired and respected badge on the worldwide web.
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Customer Message Blast Package

By targeting a selected following we can present you, your brand, or your business to many like-minded future customers.


Celebrity Giveaways

We partner with major A-list celebrities to host giveaways and drive thousands of real organic followers to your Instagram page.
Tier One Press Releases

Tier 1 Press Release Articles

Get Featured in the world's most notorious Press Releases.

Social Media Account Acquisitions

Social Acquisitions Package

Through our vast network of influncers and celebrities we have access to many Instagram, Youtube and TikTok accounts. There we can acquire and leverage someone elses already establsihed audience.

The Influencer Package

PR Articles - Influencer 10 Pack

This package includes 10 articles that are geared towards social media influencers.

The 10 articles are very custom to each client and can include publications like The Daily Mirro, The Daily Star, Vents Magazine, Respect Magazine, and many more!

The Artist Package

PR Articles - Artist 10 Pack

This package includes 10 articles that are geared towards the artist/rapper/musician industry.

This artist package is perfect to release when a new single is coming out or hype up an album or even just to build a name for yourself on Google.


News Press Package

The news sites we publish on have over 100 million visitors per month. Getting published on our network is a great way to improve your brand visibility, gain hundreds of high authority backlinks to your website to improve SEO, and earn trust with your customers.

Google Knowledge Panel

Google Knowledge Panel

A knowledge panel contains information that Google considers as fact. That fact is established by an algorithm. The algorithm takes the data collected by GoogleBot, cross-references that with trusted sources, and derives facts that it shows in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)

Wikipedia Page Full Feature

One Wikipedia Page

After years of networking, we finally are working closely with someone on the inside at Wikipedia. We can now create Wikipedia pages about you, your business, or anything else.



We drive thousands of real organic followers to your page with ads and influencers, forcing your content to go viral on Youtube Trending!


Plays naturally bring in followers, saves, likes, and a large percentage of monthly listeners.


We partner with major A-list TikTokers to drive thousands of real organic followers to your page.

Some Brands We Work With

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