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Hiring a digital agency is essential when it comes to developing an SEO-friendly website structure, which plays a vital role in increasing a website’s ranking on a SERP.

How does an online business generate high profits? It’s simple, by being visible.

Well, it might sound simple, but just to be “visible,” an online business will have to hire a digital agency.

When we talk about visibility for an online business, we are referring to its ranking on a Search Engine Result Page, or SERP. It is the ranking of a website that brings traffic on it and bestows a chance for a business to convert the traffic into leads.

There are both organic and inorganic ways to generate traffic towards a website, but investing in ad campaigns is not a feasible option for many. It is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes in! It is the most influential digital marketing strategy that helps digital businesses appear at the top of a SERP. A higher SERP ranking leads to greater visibility, resulting in increased traffic and more leads.

SEO is crucial for business growth

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SEO is not just about creating engaging content while stuffing it with keywords; it is much more than that. A website structure plays a crucial role in SEO. Without an SEO-friendly website structure, you will never get a chance to take your business to a higher ranking on a SERP.

The structure of your website is not something you need to take lightly. To create an efficient SEO-friendly website structure, you must hire a digital agency who holds expertise in this area.

Thinking why you need to hire a digital agency for a website structure? A website structure is vital for increasing your business’s horizon and attract customers. Here are three compelling reasons for you to consider hiring a professional digital agency for your website’s infrastructure!

Paves the Way for an Enhanced User Experience

When digital businesses talk about website design and development, they are referring to their website’s colors and contrasts, types of fonts, and the theme. Businesses wrongly believe that a user’s experience on a website is more about visual appeal than any other factor. Yes, the aesthetics of your website play a vital role, but it is not the only factor to consider.

Easy navigability around a website helps in lead generation

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A great structure means, easy navigability around various sections of a website, loading time, strong CTRs, simple and accessible CTAs, and simple infrastructure. Not only does it enhance a user’s experience, but also it positively impacts a website’s rank on a SERP. A professional digital agency has web developers on-board who possess the skills that help them design a perfectly user-friendly website.

An SEO-friendly website structure will get high scores when evaluated by a search engine, and it will automatically attain a higher ranking. Moreover, it reduces bounce rates, as users tend to stay longer on websites that offer a seamless experience.

Provides a Website with Valuable Sitelinks

When you get a website developed by a professional digital agency, it will provide you with sitelinks. The internal links that appear right below the main link on a SERP are sitelinks. A lot of digital entrepreneurs do not realize these links hold for their website’s ranking. It is a significant part of SEO and provides added advantage to a website.

Sitelinks can enhance a website's rank on SERP

Figure 3

These sitelinks enhance your website’s navigability as these serve as shortcuts to the most important sections of your website. Not only does it improve your business’ reputation but also instills greater user trust, increases CTRs, and shortens a conversion funnel. All these factors contribute to making a website SEO-friendly, resulting in a higher ranking on a SERP.

You cannot purchase the sitelink structure; you need to earn it, and there is only one way you can do it – site structure! A website with a great SEO-friendly structure is the one that gets awarded with sitelinks by Google.

Higher Crawlability Scores

Two factors are essential to consider when developing a website structure, and these are its crawlability and indexability. A search engine evaluates a website through its crawlers that are programmed bots to crawl through a website through internal links. The primary goal of crawlers is to index a website’s content so that it appears on SERP.

Figure 4

A professional web developer at a digital agency ensures that your website scores high in crawlability. The more seamless a site structure is, the higher are the chances of attaining a high crawlability score. Improper internal linking leading to dead ends on a website may leave some of your website pages undetected by a crawler.

Crawlers can easily navigate or crawl through a site which has been structured smartly using proper internal lining network. You can create an effective internal link network with the assistance of a reliable digital agency.

These are the most prominent reasons as to why you need a professional to develop a website structure for you that is in perfect compliance with SEO, leading to a higher ranking on a SERP.

A digital agency is your best bet in achieving a website that is fully optimized as per the guidelines of a search engine. Our website’s structure plays a pivotal role in bringing your digital business on top of SERP, which is crucial for enhancing your business’ visibility. It is your business’ digital visibility that will attract the right audience towards your site and help you generate leads!

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