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Not all PPC campaigns can provide you with the desired results. By hiring a PPC agency, you can address the most important PPC metrics and design an effective campaign!

Managing your business’ PPC campaign yourself but failing to get the desired results? Well, there are hundreds of businesses stuck in a similar situation.

Pondering about the possible obstructions that are preventing your PPC campaign from becoming a success? Out of the hundreds of PPC metrics, therefore, have you ever wondered if you are targeting the right ones or not?

Yes, a lot of businesses run their PPC campaigns without realizing whether the metrics they addressed in their campaign are the important ones or not!  If you are one of those business owners, it is time that you revisit your PPC campaign and uses this smart tool to its full potential!

PPC is the best inorganic digital marketing technique

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In case you are wondering about which PPC metrics to focus on, it is wise to hire a professional PPC agency that can help in preparing the most effective PPC campaign for your business.

Top Five Metrics to Focus on to Design the Most Effective PPC Strategy

As you are running your own PPC campaign, you know the enormous amount of data that is at your disposal. With so many metrics to focus on, choosing the right one can get overwhelming for anyone, except for a professional PPC agency!

When it comes to an inorganic form of digital marketing, PPC is one of the most effective ones. The reason this technique is not providing you with the results is that you are headed in the wrong direction.

To make your PPC campaign work, it is crucial that you focus and address only the key metrics.

1.    Return on Investment – ROI

To keep your PPC campaign right on track, it is crucial that you keep your campaign’s return-on-investment, ROI in check at all times. You need to keep a check if you are generating a higher revenue than the amount you are investing in your PPC campaign.

It is a metric that every business owner has to make its top priority. The campaign can easily get off-track if you fail to analyze if you are getting a satisfactory ROI.

2.    Click-through-Rate – CTR

A business that keeps its PPC campaign in perfect alignment with the click-through-rate has a better chance of generating higher revenue through their paid campaign. It is one of the key metrics that play a crucial role in determining whether a PPC campaign is successful or not.

The CTR of your PPC is the ratio of the total number of clicks in the period under evaluation of a campaign’s total impressions. It is one of those metrics that has a significant impact on other factors of the campaign such as quality score.

3.    Cost-per-Acquisition – CPA

The next and one of the pivotal factors that play a crucial role in your PPC campaign’s success is its cost-per-acquisition, CPA. It is the metric of your campaign which is the measure of the total amount that you invest in your campaign.

key parameters for PPC campaign

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The factors that you need to look for when evaluating your PPC’s CPA include total monetary investment, the average keyword bid rate, and the quality scores. One way of knowing the CPA can help your campaign is that helps in setting an appropriate context for it.

4.    Cost-per-Click – CPC

The cost-per-click, CPC is another key metric when we talk about a PPC campaign. A lot of businesses overlook this factor, which plays a significant role in the success of their pay-per-click campaign. Even though businesses have a pre-determined budget for a campaign and a bid, it does not mean they will pay the same amount. The reason is that businesses have to compete with competitors for ad positions.

To outcompete their competitors, businesses end up paying a higher or sometimes a lower price for the position. The amount you pay in an auction depends largely upon the type of competitors that are a part of the ad auction.

It is crucial for every business to keep a check on their CPC as staying in the pre-set budget is a priority for all. You can easily calculate your campaign’s CPC by dividing the total monetary investment in the campaign by the total number of clicks you’re your ad got!

5.    Quality Score

When talking about the key parameters that you need to consider when running a PPC ad campaign, the quality score is one of the most important ones. It is the measure of relevancy of your ad campaign and depends majorly upon landing page experience and the campaign’s CTR.

A quality score of seven or higher means that a business is paying less for advertising on Google, while a quality score lower than seven means a business has to pay more money. The quality score of a campaign will help you make smarter PPC decisions.

A professional PPC agency can help you address the quality score of a campaign as it significantly influences other key parameters such as CPC and CPA.

These are the top five metrics that you must focus on when running a PPC campaign for your business. It is crucial for every business to align their goals with their PPC campaigns for the best results. The smartest approach in designing effective PPC campaigns to prevent your hard-earned money from going in vain is to hire a professional PPC agency!

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