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Understand the difference between keywords and meta keywords. The trend of meta keywords is almost dead; keywords are still in use. Hire a professional digital agency to redesign your SEO strategy!

If you are not new in the digital marketing sector, you must have a clear understanding of what meta keywords are and how they were helping businesses improve their website’s SEO. The meta keywords do not appear on the website; rather, these appear in a website’s source code.

Meta keywords are an obsolete SEO technique

Figure 1

In the late 1990s, these keywords were playing a crucial role in determining a website rank on a SERP. They were a crucial part of SEO, and it was mandatory for all websites to make use of this SEO technique to get a high rank on a SERP.

In the past decade, all businesses spammed their websites with this tag. By spamming, we mean that websites were incorporating these meta keywords in places where they were not needed. Keyword stuffing became a major factor in determining a website’s ranking on a SERP.

However, in the year 2009, Google announced that meta keywords were no more a ranking factor and that keyword stuffing will not help websites improve their rank on SERP.

Since then, all professional digital agencies highly discouraged the use of meta keywords and did not consider it a significant ranking factor.

Three Reasons Using Meta Keywords in Not a Smart Option   

Unlike the previous decade, all major digital agencies have put a stop in their use of meta keywords to take a website to a high SERP rank.

Meta keywords were a thing of the past and if you wish to improve your website’s visibility, you have to look further and address the SEO factors that really matter.

If you are one of those business owners that still think meta keywords are powerful, need to face reality and accept the fact that this SEO technique is now obsolete.

1.    All Major Search Engines Do Not Consider Meta Keywords

The biggest reason why you need to minimize your dependency on meta keywords is the fact that none of the major search engines consider meta keywords an SEO metric. Whether its Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, none of these search engines evaluate a website SERP ranking on the basis of these keywords.

Investing your energy over the placement of these keywords is nothing more than a wastage of time. The time you invest in carrying out keyword research and their placement can be used for other crucial SEO elements.

Major search engines


One thing to note is that search engines are not always honest with us. Even though they say that they do not consider meta keywords an SEO metric, they still do. The key here is to minimize the usage and focus on other SEO metrics because meta keywords are no more a significant way of improving the rank on a SERP.

2.    Use of Meta Keywords Makes You Predictable

It does not come to us as a surprise that the digital corporate world has become very competitive and getting ahead of the competition is not easy.

Even if meta keywords were not obsolete, there is a very obvious reason why using these would not have been a smart option.


Well, the use of meta keywords makes it easy for your competitors to get a detailed insight into your digital marketing strategy. Use of meta keywords is a way of announcing what your strategy is, and competitors can use it to their advantage.

Ease in predicting moves

Figure 3

The last thing you would want is for your competitors to predict your moves and beat you at your own game. Stealing the meta keywords is not difficult for anyone, given how technologically advanced tools we have today.

If you want to keep your digital marketing strategy a secret and want to prevent your competitors from stealing away your moves, you need to avoid using meta keywords.

3.    Placement of Meta Keywords Seen as a Spam Signal

Even if you are not stuffing your webpage’s source code with meta keywords, even a simple usage can be seen as a sam signal by the search engines.

The search engines are highly skeptical about the use of keywords. The chances of a search engine viewing your move as spam can significantly lower your website’s rank on a SERP. Instead of working in your favor, this move will adversely affect your business’ visibility in the digital world, causing you to lose sales and even the traffic.

Distinguishing Between a Regular Keyword and a Meta Keyword

The terms regular keywords and meta keywords are entirely different. Meta keywords appear behind the scenes which means they are part of webpage’s source code. It is a remnant of a bygone era and does not help websites improve their SEO. However, regular keywords or search keywords appear on a webpage, in its content. These are the words or phrases that people use to search for a specific service, product, or data on a search engine.

meta keywords Vs. search keywords

Figure 4

While meta keywords have lost their importance, search keywords still play a vital role in a website’s degree of visibility on a SERP.

It is crucial for every business to differentiate between keywords and meta keywords. While the use of meta keywords is almost dead, the keywords are still a part of an effective SEO strategy. If you wish to revamp your SEO strategy and get rid of the unwanted factors, it is time that you hire a professional digital agency and improve your website’s digital visibility!

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