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If you are one of the one billion Facebook users, then you must have noticed video content take over your Facebook feed. This recent surge not only benefits marketers in promoting their business, but it also enhances the browsing experience of the users.

Marketers are investing in video content, and utilizing it as a powerful tool to and increase and retain their viewership. According to Adobe, customers who view videos have 1.8 times likability of converting than those who do not view videos. But giving viewers what they want and gaining their loyalty through Facebook ads is a daunting challenge.

Regardless of your industry, Facebook video ads benefits every business alike. Here we have discussed the many benefits and strategies to use Facebook ads for your business optimally. 

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What are Facebook Video Ads?

As the name implies, Facebook video ads are the advertisement displayed on Facebook in the form of videos. 

Instead of drafting a convincing blurb of your ad, you develop a persuasive video in-house, hire a professional videographer, or use an existing video and put it on Facebook’s video player. The video ad enables you to customize the content of the video, the targeted audience thumbnail and the budget.

Over the years, Facebook video ads gained significance for marketers. Studies reflect the significance of these ads on social media:

  • According to TechCrunch, users spent 100 million hours watching videos on Facebook every day.   
  • Socialbakers suggests that Facebook video gains 135% more organic reach than photos on Facebook.
  • According to Tubular Insights, 500 million users watch videos on Facebook every day.


Benefits of Facebook Video Ads

Custom Audience

Facebook ads allow you to use the video views for creating engagement custom audience. When deploying your video ad on Facebook, you can easily customize your audience and target those that will convert. Also, you can use this feature to enhance remarketing efforts. You can filter out the high-quality viewers can focus your remarketing efforts on them.

This feature enables you to recognize the audience that is interested in your offerings and identify the size of your audience.

Cheaper Cost

In comparison to other objectives like Website Click or Conversion, Facebook Videos Ads need minimal investment with huge returns. Depending on your selected configuration, a Facebook ad could minimally cost RM0.01 per view. This helps marketers who are trying to launch a brand awareness campaign.

Flexibility in Targeting

As the video content gains momentum, Facebook continues to introduce enhancement and improved targeting features. Recently, Facebook introduced the ‘2-second Continuous Video Views’ optimization for ad delivery.

While there isn’t any definite formula to determine the ideal combination of demographic, interests and other settings to promise you improved results, having enhancement features help in tweaking your campaigns.

Convincing way of conveying your message

Video ads are the most effective way to deliver your message convincingly to your audience. You can nurture a trusting relationship when you send your message to through video, aiming to connect viewers’ emotions with your offerings.

As the video incorporates several visual and audio elements, these are a great source of educating the audience about your brand. They are particularly effective when incorporated for guides and product demonstrations, allowing users to learn to use your products efficiently.


5 Strategies to Maximize Your Conversion Through Facebook Video Ads


Facebook in-stream videos require sound element within the video. However, another aspect that doesn’t require sound placement. 85% of the videos aren’t watched with sound on; therefore, you have to design a video that delivers efficiently with sound off.

You can also add subtitles and captions to provide enhanced viewer experience. According to Facebook reports, captioned video ads improves view-time by 12%.

Click Per Impressions (CPM) bidding

Most advertisers do not appreciate the idea of auto-play, but on Facebook, you need to engage quickly. To do so, you have to incorporate the auto-play feature your video. Facebook feeds present ample content for the views to watch at the same time. So, to engage these multitasking viewers, you have to invest in the autoplay feature. Doing so requires you to bid by cost per impression than investing in cost per click.

Short and Persuasive

Facebook video ads give you ample time, up to 120 minutes for conveying your message. But exhausting 120 minutes for a video ad is setting your social media campaign for a failure.

Most of the users do not prefer video ads for longer than 15 seconds. Build an impact within the first 3 to 5 seconds of the video. If you cannot engage the viewer within a few seconds, it is highly likely they will migrate to other videos to watch.

Targeted Audience

Advertising to almost every user might get you more viewers, but it won’t glean you the most customers. For building a rapport, gaining customers and generating leads, you need to cut down the clutter and focus on the relevant audience. This will not only save your budget, but it will also help you in gaining the highest quality leads and improved conversions

Call-To-Action (CTA) Button

When configuring your Facebook video ad campaign, develop a Call-To-Action (CTA) button. Create a convincing CTA button that encourages the audience to take action and proceed to purchase your offerings. This button can help improve the conversion rate of your video ads and increase the efficacy of your campaign.

Video ads are still a new concept for most business owners, therefore, most struggle with utilizing it to maximize their lead conversion. To make implementation of Facebook video ads effective, businesses opt for social media marketing agencies. A professional social media marketing agency can help businesses promote their business, build customer base, and increase revenues through Facebook video ads.

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