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If you aren’t aware of how to use keywords for search engine optimization, you are missing out huge audience.
According to researches, 95% of internet users don’t go past the first result page. And most of the clicks go to the first three search results. That means that if you aren’t using the right keywords, you are losing business. it is because you won’t get the benefits of organic traffic, which in turn will lead to fewer leads and sales.
Here we have elaborated on how to use the right keywords to gain more traffic, leads, and glean better sales.

First things first, you need to brainstorm the keywords that your potential customer might use to search for your products and services.
Next, search the related terms by scrolling to the bottom of the google search result page. You will find terms that people often use to search for business products and services. Lastly, figure out the right keywords that people use to find your website by Google Analytics and SEMrush.
Keywords not only help you create content, but it also plays a significant role in enhancing the SEO of your current content.
Below we have discussed a few places which can help in enhancing the SEO of your content. To add the keywords easily in your content, you can use SEO software apps or plugins.
Page Titles
Optimizing page title is one of the essential steps when incorporating a keyword for SEO. The page title appears as the first line of your search result a defines the subject of your page. That means the searchers will have a clear idea about the content of your page.
Mostly, the page titles are the same as the main title of the blog or the name of the page. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. SEO software helps you tweak your title and achieve the one that will get you a higher ranking.
Ideally, use your target keyword or keyword phrase at the beginning of your page title. That will make your page appear as the most relevant result.
Meta Descriptions
The next ideal area to use your keyword in the meta description. The meta description appears as the successive part of every search entry.
A meta description may not help in improving the ranking of your page; it helps the search engine determine the relevancy of your content. It encourages the searcher whether or not to click on your content to see your entire page. That is why it is imperative that you sue the keyword in meta descriptions to build the relevancy and motivate the searcher to find out more.
Before we discuss the main content, let’s first talk about the subheadings. There is no hiding from the fact that most of the searchers don’t read the entire content, only a 16% read the content, while 79% skim thought it. Therefore, it is crucial that you break your content into multiple sections.
Subheadings make your content readable, scannable and encourage readers to get an overall idea of your content. It may also help readers to develop the relevancy of your content. The best practice is to use keywords in a couple of subheadings.

Content is the top SEO ranking factor; that is why it is essential to use your keywords in content optimally. But it is crucial to get the keywords right here, poor placement and choice of keywords can significantly damage your ranking.
Use the keywords adequately; too much stuffing can affect the readability of the content. Use your main keywords in the first sentences or the opening paragraphs. Next, use the same keywords or their variation adequately throughout your entire content.
The ideal approach is to incorporate latent keyword indexing instead of using the exact keyword throughout the content.
Link Anchor text
Links are considered as one of the top SEO ranking factors. So, it is crucial ta you use them for SEO.
The ideal approach is to vary your anchor text. Anchor texts are the clickable texts highlighted as the links. Avoid using the same text for every inbound text instead use the LSI keywords.
SEO is steadily evolving and will continue to grow in the coming years. Marketers need to adapt to this approach to speed up their success rate. If your website enhancement too much along with doing business, then trust a professional digital marketing agency for your improving your SEO ranking. A digital marketing agency combines every element to enhance your website and allow your brand to build a customer base.

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