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Meta Description: The changes in Google’s algorithms significantly affects your website’s ranking on SERP. Hire an SEO agency to protect your online business when Google’s algorithm changes!

You were celebrating your website’s top-rank on the SERP, and the next day you wake up only to find out that your business is nowhere to be found on the first SERP, let alone the top rank!

Well, every digital business has been a victim of a similar situation at least once. If you have not gone through this situation, the day is not very far away, as Google frequently makes changes to its algorithm. It is one of the major reasons why businesses hire an SEO agency to take matters in their hands!

Google search engine

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Well, we cannot blame Google as the company’s sole purpose is to provide its users with a satisfying experience. Therefore, if you want to safeguard your business from these algorithm changes, you need to learn the tactics to adapt to these changes.

You invest your time, money, and efforts to optimize your business’ website according to Google’s algorithms, and the next thing you know is that significant changes were made to the existing algorithm. The scenario can get really frustrating!

SEO is complex and a long-term process where you have to address more than 200 factors to bring your website to the top.

Carrying out SEO for your website can get mentally exhausting, which is why you need to strategize your efforts accordingly and save your business from frequent changes.

The reason why your business is safe up till now is that the changes might not have been very significant. The moment Google makes some huge changes to its algorithms, you can expect your business’ ranking to suffer drastically!

Smart Strategies to Save Your Online Business from Google Algorithm Changes

The right approach to save your online business from frequent changes in the Google algorithm is to design a smart long-term strategy. It might reduce traffic to your website at the start, but in the long-run, these strategies will amazingly benefit your business!

Preparing strategies to shield a business from changes in Google algorithm

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Only the best SEO agency will help you design strategies that will work wonders in shielding your business against the frequent Google algorithm changes!

1.    Preparing the Right Content

Content is king, and there is no denying there. The right content can work in miraculous ways to increase traffic to your website.

Did you know that cropping your content can actually triple your traffic? How you do that? Well, instead of designing content according to Google’s algorithm, you design content for your users. You can simply update your website’s content from mediocre to amazing by removing irrelevant data.

Content is king

Figure 3

At first, this strategy will mark a drop in your website traffic, but it will work like magic in the long-run!

Start by enlisting all URLs you are using on your website, and you can do this by crawling from one link to the other. In front of each of these, add the total traffic each of these URLs is generating and the number of backlinks associated with each of these links. After doing this, you must add social shares per URL.

Visit each of these and analyze whether these need to be optimized, deleted, redirected, or left as they are. It will help you cut out a lot of irrelevant content from your website and provide your users with updated content, which in result, will stir maximum user satisfaction.

2.    International Expansion

It is very challenging to conquer Google’s SERP and appear at the top rank in English-speaking countries, and you will have to hire an SEO agency. However, this is not the case when we talk about non-English speaking countries.

You have to wait a long time and thoroughly optimize your website before you can win a top-rank on Google’s SERP. It is easy to achieve a top-rank in countries where English is not the native language. International expansion helps websites to dominate quicker and faster in these countries as the competition there is low.

When working over this strategy, you must target countries that have a large population and a high GDP, and it will work wonders for your business. It even stirs higher user satisfaction as they can read content in their native language.

3.    Steer Clear of Broken Links and Images

One of the many factors Google evaluates a website is on the basis of internal and external links. If your website has broken links, you must expect a lower ran for your website. Broken links can frustrate the users and adversely affect the user experience, which negatively impacts a website’s ranking.

Example of broken link

Figure 4

If you want to shield your website from the algorithm changes, make sure you remove all broken links from your website. These links can upset the users and even makes them abandon your website. Along with broken links, broken images can also ruin the user experience.

Regularly checking your website for broken images and URLs will give your website an edge over your competitors when Google makes some changes to its algorithms.

4.    Evaluate Google Search Console for Errors

The emails you receive from Google search console are not spam, and you must not ignore them. Fixing errors within the search console is one of the most effective ways to save your online business when a change strikes the Google algorithm.

When you receive an email informing you about the errors, take action immediately, and address these errors. Hiring an SEO agency can help you address these errors and help you maintain a powerful website that is safe even when Google makes significant changes to its algorithms.

5.    Creating a Brand

People trust brands; it is a fact that you cannot deny. When a business is famous among its users and has set a powerful reputation in the market, there is not much a change in the Google algorithm can do to impact their raking on SERP negatively.

Importance of building a brand

Figure 5

The websites that dominate the SERP on Google are not always the ones with the perfect SEO and a sufficient number of backlinks; these are websites that have big brands. As Google works to provide its users with a satisfying experience, it has to bring these websites on top!

You can incorporate these strategies in your website maintenance and management and build a shield around your business that keeps it safe when changes hit Google algorithm! The right approach is to hire an SEO agency that will help you make your website stand strong even when the competitors experience a drop in their ranking! 

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