The top services we offer to our business owners

As a Montreal Digital Marketing Agency, we provide several online marketing services to help small, medium-sized, and large businesses achieve their business goals. From website development and social media management to a complete lead ad strategy driven by search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads (aka Google AdWords, PPC).

Courimo offers one-stop-shop solutions, by making use of innovative digital strategies to convert clients’ objectives into results. We are a certified Google partner, which makes us among the top digital marketing service providers.

Google Ads (PPC)

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is an internet marketing strategy where advertisers are charged a fee each time one of their advertisements is clicked. At Courimo, we use this method of purchasing visitors to your website rather than trying to “win” those visitors naturally. One of the most commonly used types of PPC is search engine marketing.

At Courimo, we do research to choose these terms, but if you can target the right market, you can frequently get results. Google Ads PPC agency Montreal offers much more than just finding the perfect people for your business; you can target individuals based on keywords. In essence, we ensure that potential clients find your company on Google when they are looking for what you sell.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Based on what users are seeking and what other online content currently exists, search engines determine what the best result is. When someone searches, their system compares the user’s search query to the pertinent data in their index, giving searchers an exact response to their question. The order in which the material will appear for each searcher is then determined by the platforms using hundreds of algorithms. The SEO specialists at Courimo work hard to master these algorithms and get you to the top of page 1.

Our services guarantee our customers excellent results. We are the best PPC agency in Montreal  & offer customer-focused and hyper-targeted search engine optimization services to our customers. Your website pages will be sent to the right audience via relevant search queries with the aid of a successful SEO strategy.

We offer relevant organic visibility strategies that send high-quality traffic to your website since the user is already interested in your offer. Although SEO results take time to appear, a solid approach eventually yields a strong return on investment.

Website Development

At Courimo, we offer remarkable web development services that provide results-driven website development services to brands worldwide and satisfy their digital needs. We are a top-tier provider of web application development services and have assisted numerous businesses and startups.  A business may benefit from a Montreal PPC agency well-designed website to reach a larger and more interested audience.

The creation and design of websites aid in promoting a business’s brand. They help to reach a wider audience and produce more leads or consumers. A corporation is deemed to be functioning on a global scale if its website is accessible over the World Wide Web. Blogs are an essential component of your digital marketing strategy and have to be the focus of all of your content marketing efforts. Utilize your presence on social media to interact with your followers and drive traffic to your website.

Social Media Growth (B2C)

The everyday exposure of brands to customers who regularly log on to social media offers enormous business opportunities. People cannot become your customers if they are unaware of your company. Through a lot of time and effort, a PPC agency Montreal can assist you in reaching a broad audience and increasing your visibility to potential clients. Additionally, there is no risk in setting up a company presence on any major social media platform; we can assist you with that.

With the widespread use of social media today, understanding its patterns and trends is crucial to spotting business-to-consumer (B2C) social media prospects. B2C social media often adopts a more engaging strategy, fostering a brand identity through comedy, emotion, interactive possibilities, shareable posts, and reviews.

LinkedIn Strategy (B2B)

LinkedIn is a social networking platform better suited for business than personal use, making it useful for B2B marketing. As a digital marketer, you know that reaching the proper target group requires using the right message on the appropriate platform. LinkedIn enables companies to increase marketing efforts and establish a reputation.

Companies of all sizes may network, interact, and sell using marketing technologies. LinkedIn is perfect in a social CRM setting since it gives us a deeper understanding of our contacts. Real-time access to your contacts’ activities on LinkedIn gives you a valuable extra insight into their preferences and behavior. LinkedIn lets you view this information in its environment when targeting a contact.

Video Production

As a PPC agency in Montreal, we offer video marketing services that are a crucial component of your digital marketing plan as they give your company a voice to be heard. It also has a high SEO value for your website. A landing page with video can enhance conversion by 80%, and studies have shown that emails with video have click-through rates that are 200–300% higher.

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with video or unsure where to start. At Courimo, we can help you at  our video production services department.

Courimo is a certified digital agency with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We specialize in providing our clients with an end-to-end service, from strategy to execution, at an affordable monthly price. Our team of experts will create your campaigns and keep an eye on them every other day.

No matter how small or big your budget may be, with Courimo, there are no hidden fees or surprises; we’ll tell you exactly what you’re paying for so that when the month’s bill comes due, there are no surprises! Plus, we offer 24/7 support and guarantee an answer within 24 hours!

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