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Facebook is the most invaluable tool for businesses today. Businesses can extract the most out of a Facebook Ad by partnering with a professional social media agency Montreal!

You have successfully improved your website’s ranking, your Pay-per-Click campaign is providing desirable results, your website is generating huge traffic, but the conversion rates are low.

Why is this so?

When everything is running as it should be, why is your business failing to generate the right amount of leads? Well, one of the most significant reasons for low conversion rates is an inefficiently performing Facebook ad.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with over more than 2 billion users. The performance of Facebook Ads plays a crucial role in generating leads to a business. It is the perfect way to micro-target your audience, reach a broader audience, and enter the international market. Most importantly, it brings clicks and conversions to your business in minimal monetary investment.

The largest social media platform - Facebook

If you are Facebook Ads are not generating the expected results, you need to troubleshoot your Facebook advertising strategy. For a permanent and long-term solution, partner with a social media agency Montreal!

Four Ways to Fix Facebook Ads that are Not Delivering

A lot of business owners believe that the super-effective Facebook Ads, months ago, will continue to perform at their best for a long time. However, it is a misconception. The reality is that no matter how amazing results an ad provides, it cannot sustain high performance forever.

Fixing issues in Facebook Ads

Whether you wish to revamp your Facebook advertising strategy or wish to create new ones, some areas require fixing without which your Facebook Ads will not provide desired results.

1.    Improper Audience Selection

With a database of prospects from all around the world and the capability to carry out audience segmentation on the basis of demographics, interests, preferences, and even behaviors, it makes Facebook Ads an invaluable marketing tool for businesses. However, being unable to select the right audience, these ads can adversely affect your marketing efforts.

One of the many reasons your ads are not performing well on Facebook is due to an improper audience selection. An audience too narrow or too broad will not allow your ads to perform at their full potential.

Improper audience selection hurts the performance of Facebook Ads

Figure 1

To widen your narrow audience or for narrowing your broad audience, you need to make use of the “and” setting effectively. A lot of businesses fail to understand the criticality of the and-setting, thus, restricting the performance of these ads.

By partnering with a social media agency Montreal, you do not have to worry about making an improper selection of audience.

2.    Too Short, or Too Long Funnel Length

One of the pivotal aspects of a Facebook Ad’s performance is the funnel length. The time it takes a prospect to take action after they click an ad is an essential metric of a Facebook Ad’s performance. The factors that impact the funnel length include the user experience and the page-sequence they will have to go to take action.

Too many clicks are an indication that the conversion funnel is long, which can make you lose your precious prospects. A funnel length too short is also a rundown for your campaign because you are asking a visitor to take immediate action. Both ways can negatively impact conversion rates.

The conversion funnel is made five elements, including awareness, discovery, intent, evaluation, and finally, purchase. Once you can align a customer lifecycle with user experience, you will establish an ideal funnel length.

The key to establishing an ideal conversion funnel is to focus on value, engagement, and awareness. A professional social media agency Montreal can help you create a conversion funnel that is either too long nor does it ask a customer to make an immediate action.

3.    Wrong Combination of Ad Message and Landing Page

A crucial aspect that businesses using Facebook Ads need to understand is when a Facebook user clicks on your ad; they do it out of interest. Therefore, you need to focus on where exactly you send a visitor once they click on your ad. A mistake that many businesses make is that they link the ad with their website’s homepage.

A visitor who has already clicked your ad, did that because they were already convinced about your product. By sending them to your homepage, you are sending back to square one. It is one of the factors your ad does not generate desirable results.

Importance of aligning Facebook Ad with landing page

The landing page you link must be in coherency with your Facebook Ad copy. If the ad is about the product, you link it with your product detail page. If your ad is convincing the visitor to contact you, try to link it with your contact page.

Both the ad copy and the Facebook ad must be in perfect alignment!

4.    A Not-so-Impressive Ad Creative

Ad creative is a combination of ad copy and image. The Facebook ad market is very competitive and standing out in a noisy newsfeed requires businesses to create a clear, benefit-driven ad copy with an impressive image.

Importance of ad creative

Figure 2

If your image has a lot of text, it will damage the quality of your ad. The perfect image is where there is no or minimal text. The ad creative your design must be eye-capturing and thumb-stopping for the audience.

You can hire professional social media agency Montreal with reliable and experienced copywriters on board. It will help you design the most impressive and attention-grabbing ad creative.

If you want to achieve the best results from a Facebook ad, you need to address all these flaws. The right approach here is to hire a professional social media agency Montreal that can help you extract maximum benefits from Facebook advertising!

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