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You have the best products, the perfect marketing strategy, but your website is not providing desired results? Improve your website’s CTA and help your business grow!

You enter a clothing store, and after going through their stock, you finally find that perfect dress. What do you do? You look for a POS terminal to pay for your dress, but what if you are unable to find it? You might look for it for a few minutes, but soon you will lose your calm, abandon the dress, and head to another store!

Well, this is what anyone would do, and this is exactly how your website visitors feel when they do not find a clear call-to-action or CTA!

call-to-action on a website

Figure 1

You have the highest quality products, a seamlessly designed website with a user-friendly interface, and even a team of expert marketers, but your website is not generating sales.

Why do you think it is?

If, despite everything, your website is not providing the desired results, you need to evaluate your website’s call-to-action.

Your visitors love your products, but they find it difficult to place on order or contact you, and this is what leads to lower sales. It is an indispensable part of your website and definitely not an afterthought. A weak CTA leads to confusion among the visitors and the loss of potential customers. It shows your prospects a way out of the conversion channel and into the sales funnel of your competitors!

If you are pondering over ways that can help you enhance your sales and boost your business’ success, you might want to revisit your website design.

Four Tips from a Digital Marketing Agency to Improve Your Website’s CTA

Not having powerful CTAs is a mistake that many businesses overlook and set out for a journey towards deteriorating sales and loss of business.

No one can help you improve your website’s CTA than a professional digital marketing agency.

Enhance your business and boost your sales by incorporating these smart tips from the experts!

1.    Choosing the Right Words

Businesses focus on creating the most engaging landing pages, designing a user-friendly interface, choosing the right themes, and miss out on something vital for the success of their business – CTAs.

CTAs are much more than just buttons. These are powerful and contribute to the overall high sales stats of businesses; therefore, choosing the right words is crucial, which is the biggest hurdle. The reason behind it is the fact that a CTA is concise and in just a couple of words, you have to create an urgency that persuades a visitor to take action.

The right words for CTA

Figure 2

The words you choose must not create a vague image because it drives a customer away. Positive sentiments, along with power words, make a CTA influential and persuasive enough for the visitors to take immediate action.

For example, instead of using “read more,” or “continue to article,” you can use “click to continue.” These phrases are much more effective than vague words and can have a major impact on the visitors.

2.    The Perfect Colors and Designs

When it comes to designing CTAs for a website, you need to focus on the theme, colors, and even the font of the text. Aesthetics play a crucial role in creating an influential and persuasive CTA. Using dull colors and design that blends with the rest of the text on a webpage will not work well.

The visibility is the most important aspect of your CTA because if the visitors fail to see your CTA, how will they click on it?

Visibility of a CTA

Figure 3

Try to design a CTA that stands out from the rest of your webpage, and a visitor immediately spots it when they wish to take action. According to a study, a red CTA button received 21% more clicks than a green button.

3.    Incorporating the Fear-of-Missing-Out Strategy

Another strategy that will make a website’s CTA work wonders is instilling the fear-of-missing-out among the visitors. The outcome that you are offering the visitors for clicking the CTA needs to be intriguing and must stir excitement in them.

A plain and dull CTA asking to click for more information will not do the trick for you. You need to introduce a sense of urgency that compels a visitor to take action immediately and it can only happen if you incorporate the fear-of-missing-out approach!

4.    The Smart Positioning

A lot of businesses do not pay much attention when it comes to positioning the CTA. You will have to analyze in what ways do your visitors engage with your website. To locate a CTA smartly, you must understand exactly where the users most frequently click and what is the first thing that they see on your website.

Certain heatmap tools help provide you with insights into how your website visitors engage with your content. Place your CTA at the best spot to extract the maximum benefits out of it and boost your sales significantly.

Your website’s call-to-action is the most crucial part of your business and plays a vital role in converting a visitor into a customer. You just have to play your cards right and things will turn in your favor. You can even hire a digital marketing agency to help you design the most impactful CTA for your website!  

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