Can PPC and paid SEO help improve my webpage rank?

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What is “Paid SEO”?

 Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process by which a website is improved to gain a better rank in the search results of the targeted keywords and phrases. For example, if a Canadian company wishes to improve its website’s rank for camera bags, then it will write rich product descriptions, titles, meta descriptions that contain the words “Camera bag in Canada” or “camera bag for sale in Canada.” It will also speed up the website to load it faster and acquire links from websites dealing with cameras.

SEO optimization has a direct influence on organic search results. However, some companies make use of paid SEO services nowadays. Paid search traffic comes from visitors who click on a link in an advertisement or sponsored listing, which a company pays for to appear at the top of the search results. The paid SEO is ads, but their appearance is like a natural search result.

Paid SEO

What is PPC?

Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC stands for the advertisement at the top and alongside the various search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. The companies that place PPCs for their brands need to pay only when the ads get clicks, and not otherwise. These ads are an affordable way of acquiring new customers. However, the cost varies according to different keywords and phrases. The amount of competition in the industries that the keywords belong to determines the amount payable.

Does SEO impact PPC, or does PPC impact SEO?

Technically speaking, the answer is no. The possession of PPC ads doesn’t affect the site’s ranking, nor does the site’s ranking affect the ads. However, there are ways by which PPC and SEO working together make a company’s overall online marketing plans better. Though there is no direct impact, there are other benefits that indirectly affect the performance of the website and involve both PPC and SEO marketing. The article enlists the various ways in which the combination of PPC and SEO can improve the ranking of your website.

How do SEO and PPC work together?

Here are a few advantages of using PPC and SEO marketing-

 Increased Search Engine presence

 As already mentioned above, utilizing paid SEO marketing provides the company site a better chance of getting a better rank on the first page for the target keywords. If one purchases PPC ads for the same keyword, it will help the ad appear near the top of the page when the keyword is searched. Following both the steps, i.e., optimizing the website and purchasing the PPC advertising, ensure that the brand will dominate the search results. This will raise the company to a better position, attracting more clicks.

PPC helps recover missed Search Engine clicks

It is usually assumed that if the brand is already ranking at first position through paid SEO services, then PPC is not required for that same keyword. However, research conducted by Google discovered that when search ads for a particular keyword were paused, almost 89% of the traffic the ads generate was not replaced by the organic rankings. In simple words, this means that pausing the PPC can negatively impact the traffic to your website, even if the site’s ranking is at the top position.

PPC helps in recovering clicks and interest from searchers, which may have been missed otherwise. Even if the natural ranking isn’t number one, PPC can facilitate the traffic from potential consumers, often for a small amount of money.

Remarketing campaigns allow reaching previous visitors. 

Let us imagine that the website is ranking reasonably well because of paid SEO services, and is drawing a fair amount of visitors. But the visitors drawn are taking longer than usual to make the final buying decision. In such a case, a combination of SEO with a PPC service called remarketing will be of help. It will bring back the old visitors to complete their purchase or conversion at the earliest.

For example, a consumer in Canada is shopping for office supplies on a site in France and wants some time to make the decision. In this situation, the companies can purchase ad space from a website in Google’s network for the potential consumers the same office supplies at a later time. This will prove to be a constant reminder for them to come back to the website and complete the buying decision.

PPC helps in testing new keywords for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is expensive in terms of time, research, and cost. At times, companies think of targeting a specific keyword with SEO, but it’s not always a possibility for it to pay off. One way of testing the viability of a keyword for SEO is PPC.

The first step is merely picking a keyword that can facilitate a higher ranking and can convert clicks into sales. The next step is purchasing PPC advertising for the same. The company can then monitor the results for a while and assess the performance of the website. If the performance is excellent, the company can consider optimizing the site for the same keyword. On the contrary, if the PPC ad falls flat, that particular keyword should be avoided. This is an ideal way of testing the waters on a search engine and can be performed before investing in the paid SEO marketing.

Final Words

Digital marketing keeps evolving and innovating. There are various combinations of tools and elements, which, when used together, can yield a better rank for the website. PPC and SEO marketing is one such combination. Though they don’t directly impact each other, when used together, they can be of multiple benefits. They can ensure a better rank for the website by increased search engine presence. With the help of remarketing, SEO and PPC can bring back the interested consumers and convert them into sales. The combination also facilitates testing of the new keywords, before investing in them. These various advantages listed help any company in Canada or around the world to maintain the top position in the search results and get better leads.

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