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Want to improve your website’s SERP ranking? Make sure you use this SEO audit checklist prepared by a professional SEO firm!

Want to enjoy a top SERP ranking in the year 2020? SEO today is much more than just a smart placement of keywords. Google has about 200 ranking factors that online businesses have to consider to stay on the top of a SERP.

Yes, addressing all these 200 factors is close to impossible, even for the expert marketers from a professional SEO firm. To extract the maximum benefits of SEO and to earn a top rank o a result page of Google, there are several critical factors that play a pivotal role in determining a website’s rank.

The ideal SEO audit checklist

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Your website’s rank on a SERP plays a crucial role in its visibility. The higher the rank on a result page, the more visible your website is for your audience. For any business trying to improve their digital visibility, they need to focus on their website’s SEO because it is exactly what will help them address a wider audience.

If you wish to get ahead of the competition, it is time you address the key elements of SEO and improve your website’s visibility significantly because addressing more than 200 elements is not humanly possible.

The Ideal SEO Audit Checklist by a Professional SEO Firm

Professional digital agencies are well aware of the fact that addressing each of the ranking factors is not something achievable. A lot of businesses end up addressing the not-so-important SEO factors, which take up their money, effort, and time but do not provide the desired results.

SEO audit checklist

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To save businesses from trouble, the SEO experts have set an SEO Audit checklist, which will ensure that businesses do not invest their time, money, and efforts in the wrong place.

SEO is Not Everything

Yes, SEO serves as the king of digital marketing, but with the sector of digital marketing evolving rapidly, SEO is no more the only important means of digital marketing. The first and foremost advice for businesses is to evaluate exactly how SEO can fit in their digital marketing strategy.

As a digital business, it is time that you start focusing on social media marketing and other digital marketing techniques.

Did you know that since the year 2018, businesses have shifted their attention to Amazon, as they are now spending 60% of their SEO budget on Amazon? To attain strong visibility in the digital sector, you need to take up a holistic approach and divide your attention to other forms of marketing other than SEO.

Importance of social media marketing

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Working on Your Website’s Crawlability Score

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make today is that they neglect their website’s crawlability score. If you want to improve your website’s ranking, you need to focus on your website’s crawlability score, as this is one of the most important elements of SEO that contributes significantly to determining a website on a Google SERP.

It does not come to us a surprise that Google uses programmed bots, known as crawlers, to websites to evaluate if it has any dead ends. It is a crucial step indexing a website’s page on Google. If you wish to carry out an SEO audit on your website, make sure you crawl your website. It will help you identify any broken links and help you find pages that are not a part of the link network and might be left undetected by Google crawlers.

Detecting Indexing Errors and Other Technical Flaws

Technical issues and indexing errors are still a common problem that businesses are struggling with even in the year 2020. It is due to this reason you need to make identification of indexing errors and technical flaws a part of your SEO audit. When you analyze your website for these issues, you are most likely to find broken links, content duplication, and other indexing issues.

It is very important for businesses to address all technical SEO problems if they wish to achieve a top-rank on a SERP in the year 2020.

Getting Rid of Low-Quality Content

A key factor in SEO is quality content.

Google tries to improve the user experience, and all its SERP ranking guidelines are focused on providing its users with a seamless experience. It is due to this reason why it evaluates websites on the basis of relevancy and quality of content.

Low quality content lowers SERP ranking

Figure 4

For any website trying to improve its ranking on Google needs to address any flaws in its content. Low-quality and irrelevant content does not stay undetected by Google, and it leads a website to a lower SERP ranking. Businesses need to make quality checks of their content as a part of their SEO audit.

Google does not value the quantity or the frequency at which a website posts, but it evaluates a website on the basis of the quality of content. If Google detects content duplication, irrelevant, or low-quality content, it will straight away give a low SERP rank to that particular website.

Page Loading Speed and Quality of Mobile Pages

Checking a website’s page loading speed and the quality of its mobile pages are two other crucial elements of an SEO audit. 

The page loading speed of the website is an essential factor that plays a crucial role in determining the user experience and has an impact on the overall bounce rates. The web pages that take up to two seconds to load are subject to 9% bounce rates. The websites with pages that take more than five seconds to load are subject to 38% bounce rates, which is very high.

When carrying out an SEO audit of your website, make sure to test the page loading speed as it has its impact on the overall user experience, which plays a pivotal role in determining your website’s rank on a SERP.

Mobile-friendliness is another major element that serves as a critical element in determining a website’s rank on a result page. Make sure that your website’s mobile version has fast loading speed and has an infrastructure that is compatible with all types of mobile screens.

These are the crucial factors that are a part of an idea SEO audit. If you think you do not have the tools to carry out your website’s SEO audit, you may hire a professional SEO firm. Professional SEO experts know exactly which SEO factors are the most crucial for websites. By partnering with professionals will help you enjoy a rank on a SERP and take your business to the highest peaks of success.

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