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PPC advertisement offers allows you to pay only when the users click your ad. As opposed the traditional advertisement method requires you to pay for people to notice your advertisements. The downside is that you pay for traffic that won’t proceed to purchase, and this is usually the case with the majority of people visiting your website.

Only if you excel at remarketing, you can regain the attention of your previous visitors and earn their loyalty. The remarketing advertising model enables you to identify, reach out and give extra incentives to these previous visitors. With the remarketing technique, you can reduce the chances of abandonment rates, improve customer retention, and get better email marketing results.

Even with promising results, most marketers presume that customers don’t prefer seeing ads on websites. Almost 25.8% of online users use AdBlock, and the number of such users increases every year. These statistics confuse the marketer about using advertisements as their ideal marketing option. In reality, users do not dislike all the types of ads; they prefer no to see irrelevant ads.

Besides getting you previous visitors, remarketing strategies allows you to improve the relevancy of your ads with its high personalization features. Tapping into the interests of your customers will result in better engagement, improved sales and increased conversions.

Remarketing strategies

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Here we have elaborated on the crucial aspect that you need to include in your remarketing campaign.

Segment your audience

The foremost aspect of remarketing is segmenting your audience. Targeting every customer that might encounter your ad isn’t the ideal way to go about the advertisement campaign.

For fruitful remarketing, you need to consider the actions and interests of your targeted audience. The actions these visitors take on your website will help identify the interests of this audience, enabling you to concoct remarketing strategy in a better way.

Usually, visitors are broadly divided into four categories:

  • Clickers- Those who click your CTA but do not proceed to conversions
  • Scrollers- Those who scroll through your landing page for a considerable time
  • Browsers- Those who go beyond the landing page and visit other pages, spending a few minutes on your website
  • U-turners- Those who exit your website within a few seconds.
  • Quitters- Those who enter the conversion process, like, fill out a form, but leave before conversion.

Each type of user has a unique buying behaviour and different intent of visiting your website. Therefore, you will have to target each user uniquely based on their intent and interest.

Trace Past the Landing Page

Tracking the landing page will certainly offer you ample insight into your target audience. However, for a better understanding of your audience, you need to trace the users for other pages to figure out which other pages they often visit.

This will provide you with information about their interests: item they most often buy, most liked product category, and the products they almost purchased. When your audience shows interest in a specific product, you will create ads around particular products. Target them with advertisements showcasing your products and create interest through convincing aesthetic.

Remarketing tactics to improve your conversions

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Target Cart Abandonment

If you run an online business, cart abandonment will be the toughest challenge to overcome. With remarketing, you can reduce the chances of cart abandonment and utilize the same approach to boost your conversion rates.

This remarketing approach entails tracking of page visits and using Google Analytics for events tracking. Tracking page visits will help identify the users that reach the checkout point but don’t reach the confirmation page. Or, make use of events tracking Google Analytics to determine the products people often place in their carts.

With Google Analytics, you can create a campaign around specific products that customers want to buy. With this information, you can remind the customers of their favourite products or offer a deal to motivate their purchase.

If you don’t own an e-commerce business, you can use this strategy to remind the customers to complete filling their quote and webinar form or other types of conversions.

Engage your Existing Customers

With most of your efforts focused on attracting and gleaning new customers, it is easy to neglect the existing customer.

Gleaning new customer costs five times more than keeping your existing customers engaged. Also, you have all the data about your current customers, which can be utilized to encourage repeat purchases.

No matter the type of your business, there ample opportunities to giant loyalty of your buyers:

  • Upselling

Convincing the customers to buy something more expensive but improved than their last purchase.

  • Cross-selling

Offer the products related to their last purchases.

  • Rebuying

Buying the same service or product again

  • Re-inviting  

Reaching out to customers that use to purchase products but have left purchasing your products.

  • Loyalty Campaigns

Offering rewards to the customers for improving relationships with them.

Most businesses use email marketing to reach out to their customers, but remarketing helps improve your reinforcement efforts. Instead of reading an email, customers will receive a remarketing advertisement, making it the ideal approach to enhance your customer retention effort through emails.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Besides featuring your ads on other websites for your remarketing goals, you can also highlight your advertisements on search engines. These ads allow you to identify and target the users who visited your site and are looking for specific terms on search engines. This information will allow you to precisely target your potential customers, those who show interest in learning more about your brand and offerings.

However, for your remarketing efforts to reach their fruition, you might need help from the experts. Instead of venturing into the remarketing sector, you can hire a professional digital marketing agency to expand your business and improve its revenues.

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