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There is no doubt that businesses are utilizing a range of social media platform to promote, build, and expand their businesses. From publishing online content to using advertisement system; social media offer ample opportunities for businesses to grow.

However, when it comes to top-notch features, vast audience and more in-depth insights, one platform reign supreme. Facebook is the ideal place for businesses to start advertising. Though Facebook is perfect for advertising your business, many businesses fail to use this platform effectively. Many end up splurging money and pouring resources down the drain as they are promoting blindly without a proper strategy.

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Here we offer you have sorted out the most valuable and resourceful Facebook tips that you need to implement your Facebook ad strategy.

Let’s get to the lowdown!


First things first, targeting the right audience lies at the cornerstone of any business. Casting a generic net on social media platforms is one of the glaring advertising error that businesses often make. Many try to reach as many people as possible and end up without gaining any significant success.

Every post or ad that you run on your Facebook page needs a defined purpose. A purpose aligned with your mission, your customer’s values. When every Facebook user becomes your target, you are defeating the purpose of your ad.

The three reasons why you should target your ads to a specific group of people

  • You need to speak to those who are genuinely interested in your business they are curious to find out more it.
  • Your content needs to resonate with those people who want to discover it and appreciate sharing that content with others.
  • You need to build a connection with people who welcomes your message and encourages your business

Targeting a limited a number of people may sound like a loss, but targeted approach gets your more customers, boosts your conversions, and fuels your growth spurt. Targeting the appropriate audience is all about understanding their preferences and satisfying their curiosity for learning more.


When it comes to Facebook ads, it is not only a convincing copy that matters, immersive images allow your ads to stand out. Using any wrong image can make your ad go unnoticed or even discourage your prospects and potential customers from purchasing your offerings.

For making your ad count, you need to pull off compelling ad copy along with a powerful image aligned with your copy. So, how to make your image count? We have a few tips.

Be Creative With Your Text

is the key here.  Facebook prefers ads that have little or no text, so for your ad to gain visibility, you need to incorporate text creatively. Make a few rough drafts of your ad, and figure out the right text to complement your image.

Avoid Random Images

you have an idea about your text, rummage the internet for the right image. Avoid placing any random image that seems compelling but has zero relevance with your ad copy. Try a few images and observe which image glean more conversions.

Maintain Consistency

Another tip will benefit you more than consistency. Your ad image is the most noticeable aspect of your ad copy. It should align with your messages and posts across your landing pages. Consistency allows your customers to bud the emotional connection with your ad.


Not leveraging from video ads is equivalent to generously leaving your money on the table. Facebook users spent more than 100 million hours per day, watching videos. That is the key reason why Facebook gives more weight to video content. It also means those who are not valuing these video ads as yet, are losing a considerable number of customers.

Facebook videos are cost-effective and have improved reach. To gain returns from these videos, you need to structure our videos strategically. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • It should increase the attention of the viewers within the first few seconds. Most users swipe the videos that fail to do so.
  • A practical and silent video gain better viewership. Yes, your videos need to impress without an impressive background music
  • Test different variations of the videos. It will allow you to gain better insight into your customer’s choice and give room for tweaking.


Facebook ads are limited to the few elite and businesses with deep pockets. Any company can leverage from Facebook ads to sell their offerings. However, your selling becomes more efficient and smoother with proper structure sales funnel.

Facebook sales funnel to nurture your customers before you could sell them your offering. It works as it allows you to deliver a relevant message to a different audience, and make them convert.

  • Sales funnel tells your audience how your product and services can help them. Before creating a sales funnel, create brand awareness by posting organic content and Facebook ads. Brand awareness gains you better insight about your customer behaviour.
  • Once customers are well-aware about your brand, they will consider your products and services; here you need to convince them to buy your offerings. Make sure you target their pain point and address any objection that they may have. At this stage, you will either sell or keep your product stored with yourself.


These are tips that you can leverage to grow your business. For businesses who find it time-consuming to come up with a Facebook ad campaign, may prefer hiring a professional social media advertising agency. The experts at the social media agency know the ins and outs of Facebook ads and are adept at utilizing every advertising tip to get you better ROI.

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