14 Mobile Marketing Ideas That Drive Leads and Sales

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In today’s competitive leads and sales, online marketing has an enormous impact on company growth and success. Mobile marketing strategies are a must for any attempt at digital marketing.  According to a stat, mobile phones or smartphones cause almost 70 percent of the world’s data traffic, and about 81 percent of the total population in Canada uses the internet daily. Due to the explosion of digitalization, numerous mobile marketing ideas have pushed several companies to evolve their marketing strategies. People are addicted to using mobile phones, and according to a survey, around 75 percent of people in Canada use the smartphone for more than 5 hours, which includes surfing through social media, news, shopping, games, and many more. 

What is mobile marketing?

Even though digital marketing is continuously evolving due to technological advancement, mobile marketing ideas included in digital marketing strategies is a game-changer in the field of marketing. Mobile marketing is just your regular business marketing with the potential customer, but here everything is done through a mobile phone. It’s all about building an online brand for your company through people’s mobile phones. The mobile marketing strategy can be utilized in many ways, specifically in a developed city like Montreal, where the options are endless. 

Here are 14 mobile marketing tips to ensure the steady growth of your company’s sales and deals in 2019.

  1. Make your official site mobile-friendly:

    The first step is to have a functional website that gets displayed well on a mobile screen. As most of your targeted customers will expect to access the site through a smartphone, it is better to optimize the website for mobile phones, making it platform-independent.

  2. Develop mobile-optimized content:

    Mobile optimized content is digital content that appears to look good on your mobile screen. For example, separating paragraphs and keeping the sentences short in the content on the site. Avoid writing in blocks of texts. Use the right font size and style to ensure you provide better visual elements to keep mobile users engaged.
  3. Learn to Promote Your Brand with Mobile Ads:

    If you are new to this digital marketing stuff, let us tell you, just making a blog for your website will not suffice. There are many other tactics, such as paid social media marketing on mobile phones, affiliate marketing, or search engine optimization (SEO). Studying the algorithms of various search engines and capitalizing on the advantages ensures the positive outcome of the digital marketing app.

  4. Use Google My Business to Get Local:

    If you run a local business, you’d better not skip “Google My Business.” This feature (one of the best mobile marketing tips 2019) combines your small local market into the Google network, issues your details and location online, and leads interested customers straight to your doors. Whenever mobile phone users search for the nearest local results (“best hotels near me,” “restaurant near me,” “clothes store in the city of Montreal”), Google mobile app might show your business in a featured widget (just before the #1 organic result.)

  5. Encourage Your Fans to Check-In from Your Business Place:

    For example, if you own a local business in the city of Montreal, ask your friends, colleagues, and families to use and promote your start-up business. This simple mobile marketing tip will lead to improved brand awareness. 
  6. Try SMS/MMS Marketing (Push Notification):

    Push notification is a significant boon for digital marketing on mobile phones. It’s an easy way to remind people of new features or offers to publish. For business in Montreal, it’s a great opportunity, as it’s a tool for letting people know of the new service, deals, products, etc. 


Mobile marketing

  1. Understand Your User’s Intent:

    Reaching out to the ideal customers who would genuinely want to visit your site or app.  
  2. Encourage Testimonials:

    Very few clients will think, “Hey, I should leave this place/site a review.” No, they’re after their interest, so you must interrupt them and directly ask for feedback (in case you need it). You can do it through a live message, emails, or pop-ups.  
  3. Offer Quick Access Through QR Codes:

    QR codes allow your customers a direct route to your business site or official apps (if any). QR Codes are often recognized as modern hyperlinks.  
  4. Create Your Mobile App:

    According to a survey, customers prefer browsing any company through apps than sites. You can accelerate your business progress by developing a versatile mobile app that could serve your future customers in their attempts to deal with your products and services. 
  5. Track Your User’s Behavior:

    By asking permission for cookie policy, a client’s behavior can be monitored. By using the data attained, proper recommendations can be served to the customers.  
  6. Use More Types of Media Campaigns:

    Just making a mobile app for your company doesn’t suffice. Use different promotional campaigns such as blogs, videos, podcasts, and many more.  
  7. Email marketing campaigns:

    Many people are avid email readers. Optimize your emails to attract more and more customers.  
  8. Encourage Your Traffic to Engage and Share:

    Give your user a chance to present feedback. Even a well-structured criticism towards your business could be considered as a valuable asset. 


Final thoughts


The emergence of digitalization gave birth to a whole new form of marketing, mobile marketing. Mobile is significantly affecting the way people engage with brands. This trend toward mobile phones is here to stay, and businesses need to ensure they have conclusive mobile marketing ideas to be able to attach with the digital public. Companies have a golden opportunity to put out their marketing information into the hands of their patrons. To create an ideal customer stay, companies must adapt to leading technologies.

There is no denying that mobile marketing is changing the face of business marketing, and the facts mentioned above are all the proof you need. Sure, there are many traditional ways of attracting customers and expanding your business. But, a tie-up between these mobile marketing ideas and your business is rather dire in today’s world.


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